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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By providing a complete service from creative through to technical, photography and Search Engine Optimisationing - we are able to deliver a seamless service highly focussed on your specific business goals.

Search Engine Optimisation

Commonly referred to in the industry as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or web optimisation this process tunes your Website to ensure that it performs well in various search engines. The higher you are in the search listings the more visitors you will receive. Typically people do not search beyond the first page of results.

In its most basic form this is achieved through entering relevant ‘meta tags' onto the Website such as keywords relevant to your product or service. Search engines use this and other information, like inbound links to your Website from other places, to decide on the order of sites they display to particular searches.

The search engine is trying to present the most relevant and useful sites to the person searching. We apply our expertise in design and construction to ensure your site performs extremely well for relevant searches. Typically we are able to achieve first page, ‘above the fold' listing, i.e. visible on the screen without scrolling or paging, for most relevant search phrases.

Benefits of SEO:

  • SEO is generally the most cost effective way of advertising and marketing your business on the Internet. For a modest initial investment you can put your products or services in front of a huge number of potential customers.
  • Unlike most online advertising offers there are no additional costs for each visit keeping ongoing running costs low.
  • So what's the downside? Not much really, the main reason for deciding against SEO is that it may generate more interest in your products than you are able to satisfy. The search engine process is not particularly dynamic so the optimization cannot be switched on and off to manage demand. If you really need to control demand we would recommend looking at paid advertising options.

Google Top Free SEO Positions (updated 1st March 2011). Here is a representative sample of Google free search positions across some competitive phrases for a few clients ...

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What visitors have said about our websites

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"This is the first time I have bought online. Your website is great and easy to use. Thank you."

"Well that was easy!"

"Very easy to use, appreciated being able to use accents and foreign characters for my labels."

"Excellent, simple website - really simple to select and order. Thank you!"

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"Easy to use website."

"Ordering was very easy."

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"...it was so easy to use your website! Loved the way it stepped me through the payment process! Refreshing to see something work well online :-)"

"I thought it was easy..."

"I am a 74 yr old new computer user and not too competent. My sister introduced me to you company as a current customer and I have found your site an easy one to cope with. This is the only thing that I have ever followed through on a computer. Thank you."

"Thank you - great, quick ordering service."

"Of the seven or eight sites I looked at, yours was the easiest to navigate and order from. Well done!"

"This is the 1st time I have used your site and I found it easy to use."

"The web site is easy and swift to use... Thank you!"

"First time using, pretty straight forward no problems, simplicity is always the best."

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"Fab service, great products!"

"Your website is so easy to use. Thank you so much."

"Very easy to use website, thank you!"

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