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Our website design will set your business free

Break free from your templated website!

Hello. We've been helping businesses to succeed online since Google was founded in 1998.

We programme websites and systems using our own unique methods which produce much faster and more search friendly websites than the vast array of templated solutions most other web design companies are offering.

Our clients tend to be :-

  • businesses who rely on search for customer acquisition
  • businesses whose products/services are complicated and can't be ordered easily using standard shopping carts

Being able to achieve top Google positions isn't the only way we can help your business dominate your competitors :-

  • we have our own dedicated high speed servers with no security breaches in thirteen years
  • we are professionally trained in videography with extensive video, photography, lighting and sound equipment
  • vast ecommerce experience selling varied products and services online since 1998. Every product requires a different approach which is why templated sites are straightforward to beat.
  • we have recently developed our own unique technique for designing websites that adapt to and fill the end-user's screen - allowing every pixel to get to work. It is a lot more complicated for us but the results are incredible. Getting people to your site isn't cheap anymore. Keeping bounce rates down is also getting harder and harder.
  • bespoke business systems tailored to your requirements - we'll work with you to identify how to beat your competitors, then we'll give you the data and functionality to achieve it. Focus on live key data which will allow you to make ongoing decisions that put you ahead - far ahead. We'll also help you grow without taking on new staff.
  • zero downtime development - prior to 1998 we built a company employing 25 people. Our experience of real-life business means we understand the disruption caused by system changes and upgrades. We have developed our methods to allow a seamless improvement in your systems as your business and technology moves on.
  • experience setting up shop in France, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia with full translation and in-country hosting.
  • our graphic design team has many years experience working on a wide range of projects for all sizes of business. We will also work happily with your own graphic designer.

Recent sample websites:

We'd love to hear from you

Whether you are planning a new venture or wanting to break free from an existing inflexible templated website - please contact Simon at enquiries@102030.co.uk

If you are looking for a new web designer to keep your old website going for a while with a view to improving it in the future - we'll be happy to help.

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What visitors have said about our websites

"I use your company mainly because your website is so easy to use."

"An extremely user friendly website. Very clear and easy to navigate!"

"Just a quick email to say that I've ordered some labels on your website today and was really pleased to see how easy it was to use - the site was extremely well designed and logical. Thank you."

"The website was brilliant! Very easy to use. Thank you!"

"Beautifully clear and helpful site - everything at a glance on the home page, helpful pick-lists, easy ordering (especially having PayPal too)."

"Website quick and easy to use. Ordering process very straightforward. Very pleased with a previous purchase of labels so ordering for a new address."

"This is a fantastic website, so easy to use, and the re-order service is fantastic."

"Excellent - clear and easy to use payment part of the website. This would encourage me to use your company again. Thank you."

"After checking a few websites your one is by far the easiest to use for a first time customer..."

"Really cool that you can design your own labels online and get them arranged so quickly and effectively. You are added to my favourites list!"

"Once again I admire the excellence and simplicity of your website."

"Friendly and quick upload of pages appreciated. Easy and clear ordering system meant I was able to progress straight away. Having PayPal made it even easier. Now looking forward to receiving the labels."

"Your site was very easy to use with clear instructions from how to order right through to taking payment, excellent. I hope the finished product is of the same standard."

"Superb site - quick, easy to use. It's my second order this month, and I'll definitely order again."

"I found the website really easy to navigate - all of the products were easy to distinguish and ordering was brilliantly straighforward."

"...this is the first time I am using your company. I found it very quick and easy to use and hope to be doing much more business with you in the future and telling my friends."

"Website is extremely user friendly and it is very easy to find exactly what you are looking for."

"Your service was excellent, straightforward, easy to use, simple to understand systems. Thanks."

"Excellent website!!! Very easy to use!!"

"The form was very easy to use. Congratulations, so often these sites are very confusing!!"

"Website very easy to use, full of great information. Checkout nice and easy too. Just waiting for delivery now! Thanks!"

"...good straightforward website. Tried a few others but gave them up out of sheer frustration! Yours gave me choice and flexibility."

"Excellent website, easy to use, quick and efficient, I wish all internet shopping was as easy as this."

"This is the first time I have visited your website and I would just like to say that it was really easy to find and order what I needed. Thank you."

"Absolutely fantastic website so easy to use I am sure the goods will match up to it!"

"Excellent easy to navigate web site. Makes a change!"

"The website was excellent. Very user friendly. Definitely recommend it to friends. Thanks."

"Excellent easy to use website."

"Information was easy to read and the site was refreshingly easy to negotiate. Whole process was quick and responsive, unlike some sites which take ages to action requests."

"Very good website. Simple and easy to use... Excellent."

"Thank you for the opportunity to comment. I am not very computer literate but I found your sight very clear and easy to use. It saved me getting my daughter to help me. Thank you."

"The whole process was excellent - very impressed indeed. And it was good at the end to be able to use PayPal without fuss. Thanks."

"Excellent website. Easiest way of ordering and paying I've ever come across."

"Easy to use and intuitive. No problems, definitely one of the better ones!!"

"The most accessible site of its kind I have been on! Clear and very straightforward. Absolutely fantastic. I have had similar products from you before and will continue to use you."

"This is the first time I have used your website. I was extremely impressed - far better that the several I tried earlier this morning to get the same sort of product. It was very fast, very clear, fun to use and very forgiving of a non techie! I hope I am just as pleased with the product I have ordered."

"Very impressive indeed and one of the most efficient I have found anywhere."

"Pleasure to use website, amazingly straight forward and uncomplicated!"

"First time user. Very good layout no problems when searching, absloute clarity on selected items, double check on satisfaction of choice, easy and safe method of payment."

"A fab web site very straight forward and easy to use. You can quickly and easily find what you want and place the order."

"What a brilliant website so easy to use and the ordering process was straighforward quick and efficient well done."

"Brilliant. Easy. Simple. Efficient."

"One of the easiest orders to process yet experienced on the web!!"

"It was very easy to use and the payment system was really safe and quick to use."

"I think your website is very easy to use, extremely comprehensive and the checkout procedure is great. Glad you use PayPal as it is so convenient for shoppers. Have ordered from you before and was very pleased with purchase. Would highly recommend you!"

"The web site is one of the best that I have used. Very efficient and good to navigate. Well done."

"Exellent website. Nice and easy to navigate."

"Excellent web site so easy to order."

"Excellent. Easy to follow, easy to use and secure."

"I would like to congratulate you on your updated website. It is much easier to use now than it was the last time I used it. It is very user friendly and easy to understand. Brilliant."

"Excellently designed website, easy to navigate, despite there being so many products and options."

"Considerably more like talking to a real human being than the usual! Thank you."

"...it was so easy to use your website! Loved the way it stepped me through the payment process! Refreshing to see something work well online :-)"

"I am a 74 yr old new computer user and not too competent. My sister introduced me to you company as a current customer and I have found your site an easy one to cope with. This is the only thing that I have ever followed through on a computer. Thank you."

"Of the seven or eight sites I looked at, yours was the easiest to navigate and order from. Well done!"

"Splendidly simple and efficient!"

"I am not a frequent user of internet shopping facilities but found this site very user friendly indeed."

"I was loosing the will to live with other websites. Far too complicated and stressfull."

"Refreshingly easy to navigate and straight-forward to use - would that they were all this easy!"

"What a brilliant website. Very clear with easy instructions on buying your products. I will certainly recommend this to colleagues. Thank you."

"Good - very quick and easy. I particularly like the fact that you don't have to bother wasting time registering and putting in passwords. This ease of service made me want to come back a second time."

"I just wish all online sites were as straightforward and easy to use as yours - bliss!!"

"Very simple and easy to use... One of the best websites I've come across for simplicity and ease of use - well done!"

"The site was really easy to use, and helped me through my transaction very clearly, which is perhaps the most important aspect of a shopping site."

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